How To Enable WordPress Theme Editor?

How To Enable Wordpress Theme Editor

Have been you facing problems regarding theme editor, don’t know where to go, where to find and how to enable WordPress theme editor?

If yes!

Don’t worry I am here to solve your problem. In this discussion, I will tell you how to find a theme editor in WordPress and how to enable it.

Why Do You Need To Enable The WordPress Theme Editor?

You should know the answer to this question before you proceed further because in WordPress mostly work done by plugins. So, in this situation when you have plugins for work then why would you want to enable theme editor in WordPress.

Now if you have the answers and a clear mind regarding WordPress theme editor then you are good to go.

The purpose of asking that question is to ensure that if you are not fully aware of theme editor functions then better is stay away from it and use plugins simply. Otherwise, your website could be on the stack.

WordPress Theme Editor Used:

  • To add different codes
  • To remove unnecessary codes
  • To change in the header section
  • To change in the footer section, etc.

Remember, the theme editor of WordPress is very complicated. If you want to do minor modifications use plugin instead of the editor?

On the other hand, if you require major changes into your website then hire a professional web developer. It is a secure way to do changes to your website because your website is in safe hands.

Let’s See How We Will Do This?

Step One

Go to your WordPress admin panel and click on appearance and see if there is any option of theme editor. If you see theme editor option here then ok. Otherwise, move further.



Step Second

Go to your cPanel and put login information and hit enter.




Step Three

After entering your dashboard you will see this kind of interface of your dashboard if you use Go Daddy Cpanel.


Dashboard cPanel


Step Four

If you are using Go Daddy Cpanel then after entering your dashboard click on file manager.


File Manager


Step Five

On the right side click on the public_html.


Public HTML


Step Six

Then find wp-config PHP.


wp-config PHP


Step Seven

Right-click on wp-config PHP and select the edit option.


Click On Edit


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Step Eight

One pop up window will appear. Just click on the edit button and proceed further.


Proceed Further


Step Nine

Search for the value:

Define (‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true)

If you see the value is “true” then convert into “false” and hit the save button.



Make sure you did this correctly because performing the wrong command can harm your website badly.

Last Step

After doing this go back to your WordPress admin panel and again click on appearance. Now you will see a theme editor under the background option.



Now you have your WordPress theme editor. You can do modifications according to your requirements if you are familiar with the theme editor functions.

Bottom Line

WordPress theme editor is very necessary for those who run a website because they do changes from time to time. So having your theme editor is a blessing. Why am I using the word “blessing”? Most beginners are commonly unaware of the functions of the theme editor.

While on the other hand, people don’t know how to find or enable the theme editor in WordPress. They mostly use plugins for modifications. Coding is a very complicated process and demands special expertise as I mentioned above.

However, you can easily find your WordPress theme editor with these simple steps.

What do you think?

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