How To Add Schema Markup To WordPress?

How To Add Schema Markup To Wordpress

Do you think you need to add a schema markup to the WordPress website?

It depends on that individual if he wants to add schema markup to his website or not. However, why it’s important and if you want to add on the WordPress website how will you do this.

Let’s see:

What is schema markup?

Schema markup is a code that you put on your website to help search engines return more informative results for users. Remember, schema markup plays an important role in the recognition of website content in the eyes of Google.

Schema markup has many names like:

  • Schema tags
  • Microdata
  • Structural data
  • Rich data
  • Rich snippets


The importance of schema markup has increased in today’s world. Almost every new website is using schema tags because they know the competition of being number one is always here and they will have not only to produce quality content but also to provide all SEO requirements to be on the number one position in Google search engine.

Schema markup is one of those key requirements which play a key role to give a better ranking. If you provide schema tags/rich snippets into your blog posts then it’s easy for Google to identify the main idea of that particular post.

Now you are facilitating Google and in return, Google will reward you top positions in search engines. Those will automatically increase your website traffic.

Difference between schema markups vs. rich snippets

Schema markup

Schema markup is the code that you provide for Google bots because a human cannot read those codes.

However, schema markup is used for providing website information like a website is an organization, personal blog, individual person, etc. While Google bots read those codes and decide the positions in search engines.




Rich snippets

Rich snippets are used for posts and humans can read it easily. In rich snippets:

  • Post-title
  • Post description
  • Publisher Name
  • Publisher Logo

If you provide rich snippets into your blog posts then you can see this information at the end of your post.




However, if you use rich snippets for cooking recipes like biryani, rice, achar gosht, etc. It will show like this:



Remember, some themes automatically add schema markup of your website and in this situation, you don’t need to add schema markup again. You can just check if it’s correct. After checking if you think it’s not correct then you can remove the old one and add a new one according to your choice.

List of top schema markup tools


How to check if your website has schema markup?

Go to Google and type and hit enter after hit enter you will see this kind of page on your screen.



Type your website name and press run test.



Now you can see if your website has schema markup code or not. On the right side if you see any column it means your website has a schema markup code like you can see the picture below.



Now your website has schema markup code you can add directly rich snippets into your posts.

How to add rich snippets into our posts?

Go to your admin panel type your username and password and hit enter.



Go to the plugin tab select add new and hit enter.



Type rich snippets in the search box.



Install Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets and click on activate the plugin.



Now go to your posts and select the post where you want to add snippets. At the end of your post, you can see the option “Configure” rich snippets.



Select what this post is about the button and choose the category regarding your post like video, review, article, recipe, Pearson, product, service, and software, etc.




After that put your information according to the selected category. Like here, for example, I choose the article then I will need to put information like Name, description, publication, author, logo, etc.



After doing all of this press the publish or update button.



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Last part

If your website has not schema markup code. How will you add?

Go to your desire website for creating your schema markup code for WordPress website and create code.



After creating the code just copy the code and go to your WordPress admin panel.



On the right side of the page find footer.php and click on it.



Scroll down and paste selected code just above of </body>. Remember, complete this process carefully. After completing, press the file update button.



You are done. Now you can check your code from the Google schema markup tool.

Bottom line

Schema markup/rich snippets are the key factors in today’s SEO which help to improve search visibility. Nowadays Google has become smarter he knows which post to show on top and which post to show on last.

Well, we cannot cheat Google we can only get top position when we follow all Google algorithm instructions. Otherwise, if we will use black hat SEO techniques Google will not only punish our site he will also remove our site permanently from Google.

Adding schema markup/rich snippets into your WordPress website is a legal way to getting a good ranking in the eyes of Google. Google loves white hat SEO and recommends everyone to follow White hat SEO strictly.

One last thing, add schema tags into your website only then when you know about coding fundamentals because if you do this unprofessionally results could be bad. So, better is to hire a professional for coding work. It will give you better results and save your time as well.

What do you think?

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