How To Open File Manager In Word Press?

How To Open File Manager In Word Press

Are you facing problem access to your file manager OR don’t know how to open file manager in Word Press?

If yes then you’ve come to the right place.

In this discussion, I will address to you how you can access your file manager from WordPress.

Ask two questions to himself before you go further.


Why do you need to go to the file manager?


How will you get access to the file manager? While you have no access to your cPanel.

If you know the answers to these two questions?

You’re welcome. You can simply skip this right away.

While on the other hand if you’re curious to know the answer to these questions.

Let’s find out.

Why do you need to go to the file manager?

Well, you go to the file manager when you need to do modifications or add something regarding your website or blog.

You go to the file manager in certain conditions like, when you want to:

  • Add files into your root directory.
  • Add file.
  • Delete files from your root directory.
  • Delete your website theme in some cases.
  • Add robot.txt files.

Generally in this situation what we do.

Normally, we go to the cPanel login page and put username and password information.



After clicking the enter button you see the dashboard of your cPanel.



Now you do click on the file manager icon and do the modifications according to your requirements.



This is the normal scenario when you have access to your cPanel. You can do multiple things that you want to do.

How will you get access to the file manager? While you have no access to your cPanel.

What will you do when you want to do changes but have no access to your cPanel? This situation gets worse when you are doing freelancing and want the modification to your client project but can’t because you don’t have access to your cPanel.

This scenario not only creates problems for your clients but disturbs your reputation also. So, it’s important that you should know how to crack this situation and complete your project.

Moving On

You can simply do modifications to your root directory from your WordPress admin panel without going to cPanel.

However, you can do the same work without facing any problem as you do from your cPanel.

You just need to install one plugin into your WordPress admin panel and that’s all.

How to open the file manager (Process):

Go to your admin panel.



Click on the plugin and select add new.



Type file manager into the search box.



Install the plugin and activate it.



After installing this plugin click on file manager and select WP file manager.



After clicking on the WP file manager you will see your file manager dashboard.



Now you can see your file manager dashboard this looking same as you see your file manager dashboard on cPanel.

Now, you can use this plugin easily. This plugin gives you all comfort and helping hand without going to cPanel.

Remember everything doesn’t perfect. He has his pros and cons. So, I surely want to tell you some pros and cons of this plugin.

Pros and Cons


  • One of the key benefits of using this plugin is you don’t need to go to your cPanel for accessing to file manager.
  • This plugin is free of cost and you will not ask for any kind of payment.
  • You have the choice that you want to keep this plugin or not after modifications. If you want to deactivate this plugin after modifications you can.
  • One interesting fact about this plugin is you can reinstall it again if you want to make more changes to your website. It will not affect your site/blog.


I didn’t find any bad thing about this plugin I am using this plugin for the last two months.


Download File Manager Plugin



  • The beauty of this plugin is it gives you flexibility in terms of user experience. I am talking about free and pro versions.
  • You don’t need to buy his pro version if you don’t want to buy it. Its free version gives you almost everything that you need.
  • However, if you want to explore or taking his full advantages or want to go deep in this plugin then you can buy his pro version.
  • Well, it’s totally up to you that either you want to use his free version or want to use the pro version.

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Remember, don’t try to do anything if you are not familiar with the file manager and his fundamentals because if you try to do anything your website can be off or blackout from the search engine in the result.

However, if you have basic knowledge about file manager and know how to work in it then good to go otherwise hiring an expert can be a better choice for you and your business.

Bottom line

File manager plugin is the best to use when you are facing problems to access your cPanel. This plugin not only provides benefits but gives flexibility in terms of free/Pro also as I mentioned above.

So, in that situation when you are facing difficulties accessing your cPanel. A file manager plugin is the best possible way to resolve (how to open the file manager in WordPress) problem.

What do you think?

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