How To Clean PC And Increase Storage In 4 Steps?

How To Clean PC And Increase Storage In 4 Steps?

What Is Computer Cleaning?

Computer cleaning means that clean your (computer, PC, laptops, tablets, etc.) safe from junk. You see your PC is working slowly and sometimes it’s frustrating. Nowadays, when people love speed so you need to take steps for cleaning your PC from junk and make it fast. Keep reading if you are interested in how to clean PC and increase storage in 4 steps.

Cleaning PC from junk is not only clean your PC It increases your PC storage as well because extra junk takes all storage of your PC and makes him slow in performance. So keep cleaning your PC after a certain period.

What Is Storage?

Storage means your PC space where you can keep your files safe can install any software according to your requirement and can do many other things. Storage varies from PC to PC. It means it can be different in every other PC.

You see some PC has 500GB storage while others have 1000GB. It depends on you how much storage you need for your PC. If you are a student then 500GB storage could be an ideal.

C Drive

I want to talk about C drive because we are talking about cleaning and storage of PC. Remember, C drive is always important because it contains one of the most important files of any PC. If we talk about cleaning C drive it should be clean from any unnecessary files. While in storage perspective make sure your C drive always has extra storage.

But make sure you know what you are doing when you are cleaning your PC from junk because taking one wrong step could crash your PC windows.


Only those software installed in C drive that recommended. Like Adobe software, IDM, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, etc. All other software could be installed in other drives. It will not create any problem.

How To Increase Storage?

There are many ways to increase storage.

  • Use cloud storage
  • Use a NAS drive
  • Choose an external drive
  • Can add a solid-state drive
  • Add a hard drive to a laptop
  • Add a hard drive to a PC

All of these solutions required money. But I will show you some basic but effective 4 steps that will help you to increase your PC storage without spending any money.

How To Clean PC And Increase Storage In 4 Easy Steps?

Go to your PC and click on the search bar.



Type “RUN” in the search bar and click on open.



Step 1

Type “PREFETCH” and click ok.



Delete all the files that appear.



Step 2

Now again click on the search bar and type “RUN”. You can directly access with “window key + R”. Now type “TEMP” and click ok.



Delete all the files that appear.



Step 3

Now again click on the search bar and type “RUN”. You can directly access with “window key + R”. Now type “%TEMP%” and click ok.



Delete all the files that appear.



Step 4

CCleaner For Cleaning PC

In the last step, we will use the software. CCleaner will help to remove all unnecessary files from recycling ben and browsers. Most people will have known about CCleaner. CCleaner is one of the best junk cleaning software in the world with over 2 billion downloads.

Company Info

We create software tools that run on desktop PCs, mobile, cloud, and complex corporate networks. Our users range from consumers, SMEs, IT help desks, MSPs, and anyone else that ever has needed to maintain a device.

As well as the flagship CCleaner, our range of tools includes CCleaner, Defraggler to defragment hard drives, Speccy to analyze hardware and Recuva to restore deleted files. Our software is used and trusted by millions of home and business users and has been installed in every country worldwide. If you want to know more click Source.

Ccleaner is available both version free and premium. If you are a student free version will be ok. While if you want to buy his premium version you can buy from their official website.

If you don’t have CCleaner you need to install it first. After installing you are ready to go. Now you have CCleaner install into your PC.

Open your CCleaner software.



Now click on custom clean.



Click on run cleaner



You can see the picture below, we have cleaned almost 4GB junk.


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Bottom Line

These are 4 simple steps that can help you to clean your PC and increase storage. If you follow these steps you don’t need to spend any money.

Cleaning your computer from junk is also helps to reduce heat which helps to perform better. So keep your PC clean from junk from time to time. It will help to keep your PC safe for a long period.

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