How To Compress Pictures Without Losing Quality In Optimizilla?

How To Compress Pictures

How To Compress Pictures

What Is Image Compressor?

Image compressor is an online website that provides services regarding compress images. You can compress your images without losing their quality because it’s a wonderful website that gives you the best results in real-time. Remember, you can get a compressed image within one minute.

What Is Optimizilla

This Optimizilla uses a smart combination of the best optimization and lossy compression algorithms to shrink JPEG and PNG images to the minimum possible size while keeping the required level of quality. Source

Top Picture Compressor Sites

  1. JPEG Optimizer
  2. Optimizilla
  3. io
  4. ImageRecycle
  5. CompressNow
  6. Trimage
  7. Tiny PNG

Normal Pictures Vs Compress Pictures

Normal Pictures

Well, Normal pictures also called original pictures. These images have the original size that you capture. This could vary from photo to photo because some photos have 1 MB size and some have even more than 10 MB. 

Compress Pictures

Compress pictures are called modified. The modification involves in different terms like image resize, crop images, and compress images as well. The size of the compressed image is always less than the original image.

Who’s Better For Webpage?

Let’s figure it out.

Normally if you are using pictures for printing purposes than you should use high-quality photos because in printing you publish images for reading that’s why you need high-quality images with high size that help people to read or understand this image easily.

While for web page quality matters but you need to adjust image size because you cannot upload a picture on the web with a size of more than 100 kb. However, if you do then your website speed will be slow down that will affect your SEO and drop your rankings on Google. So try to use a compressed image that will keep quality and reduce size.

How to compress pictures in Optimizilla?

Type Online Image Compressor on your browser and hit enter.



Click on 3rd link who’s listing on the web page. This will take to you on the site.



This is the interface of the website.



Here you can compress your pictures or images as many as you want. The good news is this is always free. You don’t need to pay for anything.

Now click on upload files.



Choose an image file that you want to compress.



You can see the file size before compression. it’s 128 KB.



Now You can see the difference clearly without losing quality.



If you want to do more compression than you can change picture quality from the right side of the page?



After making changes just click on the download all and your file will start downloading.



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Bottom Line

So this is the simple way to compress your pictures online without losing quality. Remember, the compressed image is always better for a web page because it’s low in size and gives help to load your website fast.

You can use high size photos for your web page but that’s not a good idea because it will slow down your website as I mentioned above.

Keep your images clean and low in size but maintain their quality also. You can use this website for image compression because it’s the best in the business.

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