How To Create YouTube Thumbnail With Fotojet?

Create YouTube Thumbnail

Create YouTube Thumbnail With Fotojet

A thumbnail is a creative photo used for a specific video. A thumbnail picture presents the idea of what’s in the video. Every video has his own thumbnail according to his video content.


A thumbnail is very important for every video. Thumbnail considered a success symbol for any video. Expert says the chance of clicking on attractive and creative thumbnail is very high because people only click on a video if they found video thumbnail attractive. Make sure your video thumbnail is different and attractive. So, create a Youtube thumbnail beautifully. 

Top Thumbnail Maker:

YouTube thumbnails
Adobe Spark
I will tell you about Fotojet thumbnail maker only but you can try others if you want to use it.

What is Fotojet?

FotoJet is a free online collage maker where you can create beautiful photo collages, posters, cards, and more in minutes! It’s developed by PearlMountain Limited, a dedicated graphics software developer with their finger on the pulse of what their customers old and new are looking for. From the very beginning, PearlMountain Limited has proudly brought many powerful, and easy to use photo editing tools to users worldwide.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We aim to produce high-quality software and to provide superior service and support for our customers. Source
Fotojet is considered one of the best logo maker in the world. So, Fotojet Alexa ranking is 6000 worldwide and 3500 in India respectively.


Fotojet Free or Paid?

Note Fotojet has both versions. It totally up to use which version you want to use for your videos. If you are a beginner then go with free otherwise you can buy their premium version or services as well.

In my opinion, most people use Fotojet free version for making awesome thumbnails for their videos. On the other hand, again it’s totally your choice which one you choose.




How To Create YouTube Thumbnail?

Go to your browser and type Fotojet and hit enter.



Now click on YouTube Thumbnail.



You will see this kind of page of Fotoget website. you can check all information that they are offering.



Click on get started button to move forward.



You can see a quick dashboard appeared in front of you where you can make your thumbnail for your YouTube videos.



For example, you made a video on the mountains’ information. Now you want to create an attractive thumbnail for your video.

Let’s see how can you make it.

Go to the left side and click on all then choose travel.



Now choose one picture as I choose.



Now you can see a selected picture appears on board.



Here you can add your information on to your thumbnail. However, choose slogans that will attract your viewers. Like I do some changes to the selected photo.



You can change fonts according to your choice. You can add different colors, shapes, and styles.



After doing all adjustments you can simply download your thumbnail clicking on the download button.


Bottom Line

Without any doubt, Fotojet gives you the opportunity to create awesome thumbnails for your YouTube videos. Remember, professionals always prefer adobe software but as a beginner, Fotojet is an ideal choice for Create YouTube thumbnails.

If you have any problem regarding this you can ask in the comment box. I will be happy to assist you.

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