How To Enable SEOquake Extension For Google Chrome?

Enable SEOquake Extension Google

What is SEOquake?

SEOquake is a free plugin for your browser that provides you with organic research data at the click of a button. SEOquake can provide parameters for listings within search engine results. Along with organic research data, SEOquake provides other useful tools including an SEO Audit, Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link analysis, and even social metrics.

Many people try to find information out on their competitors by analyzing SERPs and determining who is ranking where. You search a particular keyword and analyze the results that show up. You then receive these results and have to manually retrieve the information for each landing page that shows up. But what if you could receive all of the analytical data needed for each landing page or domain straight from the SERP itself? What if you could remove countless hours spent on manually retrieving this data all at the click of a button?

Here is where SEOquake comes in! This free plugin allows you to see metrics for domains and landing pages including Google Index, Alexa Rank, SEMrush Ranking data, Facebook likes, and much more. These metrics are all available to be shown directly from the SERPs so that you understand where each domain and landing page being displayed stand amongst each other. Source


SEOquake is very important in terms of data providing. It’s important because it gives you all the required data in one place as I mentioned above. SEOquake can play an extremely important role in the SEO of any business or website.

Remember, if you are an SEO expert and providing SEO services to your client then you will need to use SEOquake for identifying issues.


  • SEO Bar
  • SEO dashboard
  • SERP overlay
  • Keyword analysis
  • Vast data
  • Keyword density
  • Print & export

Availability of SEOquake

Currently SEOquake available on:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge
  • iPhone and iPad

You can choose the SEOquake extension according to your device.


How to enable SEOquake extension for Google Chrome?

Go to your Google browser.



Type SEOquake and hit enter.



Click on the first link that appears.



You will see the main interface of the SEOquake website.



Now you just need to install SEOquake extension and you are ready to go. Click on install SEOquake.



You will see another page. Here you can see multiple things about SEOquake. Like; it has over 6 lakhs active installation. More than 2500 people give positive feedback about this extension.



Now click on add to chrome.



Click on add extension. You can see your extension will start downloading.



After a few seconds, your extension will available to use.

Now you can see on top right side your SEOquake extension is available for use.



Now you can use SEOquake where you want to use. It’s free and will always.

Bottom Line

SEOquake is a great tool for analyzing any website’s problems. It gives you multiple options to identify the problem. Now I hope you will understand that how to enable SEOquake extension for Google chrome.

All SEO experts recommend SEOquake. The big reason for using SEOquake is because its free of cost. On the other hand, other companies give the same services at high prices. While SEOquake is the best free tool in the market.

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