How To Make Myself Unbeaten In Life? Top 5 Authors

Make Myself Unbeaten In Life

Make Myself Unbeaten In Life

In life happiness is not the absence of problems;

That is the central idea of this topic. If life is unfair to you in one aspect, make it fair to other sides, rather than focusing on problems and crying over them, think how to utilize your fortes and make them in constructive use. Life has so many bright sides for you, then why goes for dark ones.

It is true that it’s hard to survive in such a world where you face disgrace on every step, but it’s up to you that either you stay intensive and prove yourself or stay loser and prove others. Life is not a bed of roses; you have to face many rise and fall in every field.

Man faces numerous challenges from his birth to the day he breathes his last. These challenges come with new forms but never decreases. In his childhood he was dependent on his parents to fulfill his needs and protection is the vital factor for a child. As he grows up he faces multiple changes physically and psychologically. Learn abilities to make myself unbeaten that will help you in life’s challenges.

How To Survive?

During his student life, he has to struggle a lot to get a place in society. A lot of mocking, bullying, and harassment come to his journey. Only those who face them with bravery will survive but those who started cursing their fate will leave behind in the race of supremacy.

People who believe in their optimism and determination reach the top of world positions. Life is the road of blackness and optimism is the torch of hope for a bright future. Optimistic believe that they are masters for their own happiness. They can achieve anything through positive thinking.

Minds who always think negative phases will become dull and loses their creativity while on another hand if a mind always finds positive points in every situation it will become more creative and happy. A person with no hope left should study the biographies of great people who failed, learned, and succeed in life.


Here are several examples of motivation stories that believe in unbeaten in life


Nelson Mandela 



Mandela was south-African Anti-apartheid who became the first President of South Africa in 1994 after the 20-year long struggle. He fought for the moral cause. He was born to take a nation out of darkness who has no importance at any time.

The name Mandela has the meaning of mores, Justice, and civility. So he took the wrong steps after the long walk. He fought for the rights of blacks and their justice. He used it to pass champion “truth and Reconciliation”.

J.K Rowling



J.K Rowling is one of the famous inspirational stories of the time. Most people know her as the founder of Harry porter but very few have the idea of problems she had faced in life. She struggled terrifically.

She had the idea of Harry Potter in 1990. One day she was going to Manchester to London on a train when the idea got formed in her mind and she started writing wrathfully. Later that year, her mother died due to Multiple Sclerosis.

She went to Portugal in 1992 and started teaching English there where she met a man. They got married and had a daughter. In 1993 she got divorced from him. She moved to Scotland and started living with her sister.

At that time she had written three chapters of Harry Porter. She found herself unemployed, divorced, and destitute with a dependent child. At that time 12 major publishers prohibited Harry porter.

It had been a year when a small publishing house accepted it and published only 1000 copies from which 500 copies were given to libraries. In 1998 the book had been awarded the British Book Award of Children Book of the year and Nestle Smarties Book Prize After that 400 million copies of the book were sold and Rowling becomes the most successful woman writer of the United Kingdom.

Bill Gates



Before Microsoft invention Bill Gates suffered from big business loss. Now he is the wealthiest man in the world. Bill Gates belonged to the middle-class family; he didn’t depend on his parents. He started a business and faced a big loss in it. Paul Gilbert, Gates, and Paul Allen had a partnership in Traf-o-Data.

They make reports for roadway engineers from raw traffic data.  At the start, the company did good business but the machine which process data flopped in front of Seattle County traffic employees.

Although Gates was unsuccessful in his first business he didn’t lose courage. He was smartly built up a company who brought a revolution in the personal marketplace. And now the results are clear to everyone.

Jim Carrey



Everyone knows about Jim Carrey. He is an outstanding comic who brought top-earning comedies of all time such as Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, and Ace Ventura. But very few know the story of Carrey’s hard life. Carrey belonged to a lower-income family.

Their father struggled to have jobs his family was so poor that he had to drop out of school at the age of 16.  He started working as the janitor to help out his family. When he did his first comic stand up him was kicked off the stage. He also failed in his audition for Saturday night live.

However, everyone knows about Carrey’s later success. During giving the interview to Oprah Winfrey he talks about how he used Law of attraction through writing a $10,000,000 check for himself. He placed this check in his wallet for 7 years until he received the check of $10,000,000 million dollars for his movie Dumb and Dumber.

Stephen King



Stephen King is a famous writer and he wrote outstanding novels of time most of them have been made into movies. Carrie which is the first novel of Stephen had been rejected 30 times by publishers. He threw his script into the dustbin only later to be recovered by his wife who believes in his abilities.

Stephen belonged to a very poor family who barely meets their needs. During the years as an English teacher, he meets his expenses by selling his short stories to the magazine at the age of 16. Stephen said he had received countless rejection slips in his early career. Now the king has written 50 novels and 350 million copies has sold.

Imagine if any all of them were given up what their life would be like?

  • Remember that you are not the loser, just accept the failure. Be productive and learn from the situation. When you accept the failure it will go faster and become less painful.
  • You can drive yourself by saying and doing some points:
  •  It’s ok to be failed, next time I will improve myself
  •  Cooldown and take a deep breath, today isn’t my day.
  •  Next time I come with better work.
  •  Let it out into the sunlit.
  •  Find motivation from your mentor
  • Boost up your self-esteem and start thinking about a new beginning instead of trapped in negativity and apathy.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts



Erase negativity from life. Negativity is about losing hope. Negativity can create inactivity and reducing joy in life. The best way to improve the situations of your life is to change the way your thinking. Turn your mind on a positive path. Everything begins with awareness, open your eyes, and start focusing things you would not notice normally. Focus on each and every motion of yourself. Mindfulness is the first phase to remove negativity.

Negativity comes from three sources, it comes from your relationships, yourself, and the environment. Find a mentor or a good friend, spend quality time with him/her, and talk about your heart things.  Don’t allow negative people to ruin your life, keep them at some distance from you. If you stay with negative people for a while you cannot be unbeaten in life because they always release negative vibes.

Don’t sit in the company of destructive people who always complaining and cursing their lives. Get rid of toxic relationships.  Unluckily sometimes these people are from your family and you can’t easily remove them from your life. Try to spend less time with them and spend more time making happier relationships.


Find Your Own Happiness



You are the owner of your happiness. You shape your own happiness. Find happiness in your tastes, they may be books, music, paintings, or something else. Some find their happiness in shopping for some love to do the cooking and some do a social deed. Happiness is an option you choose to be sad or happy.

Individuals are responsible for their happiness. Do those things which give you relief and satisfaction. Being satisfied with life is the best blessing ever and no other thing can replace it.

The more you suffer the more you embellish.  You never cross-sea without wetting your feet. Problems come side by side in life. The person who never faces any problem or grief will never feel the ineffable taste of joy. He is the man who achieves the level of unbeaten in life.

Many people starting thinking that they deserve to be sad or unhappy because some severe traumas and tragedies hit their lives. Always remember that nobody is picture-perfect here. Unbeaten in life.

Change The Viewpoint And Stay Focus



Everyone has some defects in their personalities. Try to change thoughts which alter your world view. For example, some people started pondering that they don’t deserve the reward because they don’t do their work perfectly.  Find out people who make you feel good about yourself. Stop spending plenty of time on social media, because people present themselves idealized on social media. If you compare yourself with others you will not get the exact image of your personality.

Stay focused on your dreams. It is understood that focus is the vital ability to become successful in life. Without focus, your output will be low and the work you do will be insignificant.  Always do that work which gives you joy. If a work isn’t about your taste try that one which you love to do. Make your hobby your profession in life to stay unbeaten.

Get involved in the daily routine. It is the power factor to determine your focus level.  Do what is important first. Big errands produce big results and output. Learn how to say no. No is the word that prosperous people know how to use. You can’t be an expert at the skills you want to be because you have zero discipline and focus level in your routine.

Keep Learning



So, the World is full of examples of man’s courage. Life gave them rejections, dissatisfactions but they don’t become the loser. Life gave them lemons and they made lemonades. Time flies but an attitude of a person remains in mind. The world remembers only those who create history.

Nothing is permanent in this world neither happiness nor sorrows. The days of misery will come to an end one day; the sun of glee will rise one day because every dark night has a beautiful morning. So if life thrushes us, welcome it with a smile. Never stop learning at any stage of your life. If you show courage you can be unbeaten in life.

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