How To Buy Recharge From HBL Internet Banking For Mobile?

Recharge HBL Internet Banking

What Is HBL Internet Banking?

HBL internet banking is an online platform where you can perform multiple tasks regarding your banking necessaries. Remember, HBL Internet Banking is a safe, free, and convenient way to the bank with HBL. 

While, HBL is one of the biggest and oldest bank in Pakistan. It was the first commercial bank of Pakistan. HBL was founded in 1941.

Why Should We Use HBL?

Because it’s convenient, free, and provides all banking features. It offers multiple accounts option and you can open your account according to your choice with HBL.

Account Categories

  • HBL Freedom Account
  • Asaan Account
  • HBL Conventional Current Account
  • Basic Banking Account
  • Hum Watan
  • HBL ID
  • Foreign Currency Current Account
  • Pensioner Account

Apart from this HBL offers other account options as well. You can choose as per your need.

HBL Internet Banking Features

  • Pay-Services
  • Send Money
  • Card Management
  • Loan Management
  • Investment Options
  • Insurance Policies
  • Movie Tickets
  • Bus Tickets
  • Events
  • Stocks
  • Apply For Checkbook
  • Debit Card Services
  • Credit Card Services

However, HBL internet banking gives you other more benefits. Like, you can pay your bills from your home through HBL internet banking and many more operations you can perform.

Mobile App

Interestingly you can perform all your functions from your mobile phone. You just need to download and install HBL mobile application form Google Play Store. HBL mobile app is available on the App Store as well. iPhone users can download from here.

Remember, HBL mobile app is better for outdoor because if you go outdoor then you can perform all your important transactions from HBL mobile app. Today’s people use mobile phones the most. Men, women, children, and oldies everyone use mobile. Both devices are recommended to use. So you can get the most out of it.

HBL mobile app link for android users.

Google Play Store

HBL mobile app link for iPhone users.

App Store

Buy Recharge From HBL Internet Banking For Mobile

If you have an HBL account and you want to recharge your mobile from HBL internet banking then follow the steps described below.

Go to the browser and type HBL internet banking.



Click on the first link.



A page will appear.



Now enter your login details and hit the login button.



You have successfully logged in to your HBL internet banking account.



On your left side, you will see a lot of options. You can perform an action according to your requirement.



Here we want to recharge your mobile. So we will click on the pay button.



Another page will appear.



Click on add new button.



Here you will see a lot of options to perform. Find a mobile top-up option and click on it.



You can see all sim operators are available.



Select your sim and click on it as I clicked on ZONG.



Now enter your number and amount and click on next.




Now enter OTP that will receive your mobile phone. Enter your transaction password and click on the pay button.




Now you can see the confirmation message will appear in front of your screen.



That’s it you can check your mobile you will have surely received your balance. HBL internet banking is very easy to use.


Bottom Line

So, HBL internet banking is a modern solution for performing online activities regarding your banking purposes. You can perform all these activities from your home without going anywhere.

You can easily recharge your mobile from HBL internet banking. It’s safe and easy to use. If you don’t have an account on HBL then visit your near HBL branch. Are you a student? If yes then open for the HBL ID account because it’s designed for students and it gives all benefits.

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