How To Hide Mobile Notification Panel On Lock Screen?

Mobile Notification Panel Lock Screen

How To Hide Mobile Notification Panel On Lock Screen?

Notification Panel



Everybody is familiar with this word. A notification panel is a place where you can adjust options according to your need. The notification panels could be different in every mobile.

A notification panel varies from mobile to mobile. iPhone’s notification panel will be different in shape from Android’s. But the functions will be the same.

Lock Screen



Password is used for security reasons because in the age of technology people are aware of the fact of hacking. So they try to perform every step that makes their devices protected.

So in the same for mobiles. People keep their phones secure through a password, pin codes, and finger sensors. Passwords are used for privacy purposes and as well as data protection.

Why Do You Need To Hide Notification Panel?

One big reason is that you need to turn off the notification panel while your phone locked because if your notification panel is on then people will have a chance to misuse it.

They can turn on your mobile data and hotspot without your permission and as well as can perform other actions. So, better is turn off your notification panel when your phone is the lock.

How To Hide Mobile Notification Panel On Lock Screen?

Go to your mobile setting and open it.



Now find the lock screen option on your mobile and click on it.



You can see the lock screen setting on top. Further, you can see more two options Raise to wake and Wake lock screen for notifications. You can see both are on.



Just turn off these settings on your mobile. Now check your mobile phone. Your notification panel will be off while your mobile is locked.




Bottom Line

So, this is the simple way to turn off your mobile notification panel during a locked phone. Setting options could be different in looking but functions will be the same for every phone. I showed the method for Redmi mobiles.

You can follow the instructions described above. Keep your data and privacy secure.

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