How To Create An Account For Downloading Free Files?

Create An Account For Downloading

How To Create An Account For Downloading Free Files?

Free Files

Free files mean getting free themes, logos, codes, scripts, and software. On the internet, some quality websites give files to their users.

Codester and Themeforest are the two best websites that give free files to their users on a weekly and monthly basis. You can use those files everywhere on the internet. gives files every week while Themeforest.Net gives files on every month..

Why Do You Need An Account?

Well, it important to users because you have to create an account on these websites if you want to download free files.

Here some people don’t know how to create an account on these sites. I had tried three times then I got success. I am going to tell you how you will do this.

How To Create An Account For Downloading Free Files?

First, choose a website where you want to create an account as I choose Codester.Com.

Now go to your browser and type Codester.Com.



Click on the first link.



You will see the main page of



Find the signup button and click on it.



Here you have two options for signup. The first one is signup with Facebook and the second one is signup with email. I am going with the second way.



Fill the form and click on create an account.



You will see a page where they will ask to verify your email.



Go to your email account click on the providing link.



Now you will see another page for filling. Just fill the form and click on continue.



You can see we have been successfully login into your account.


Free Files




On the second form, you need to keep one thing in mind if you want to create an account on On a country option if you choose your country and then click on continue. After that, if you get a message of error then don’t try again for signup. Try signup again after a day gap.  You will surely get success.

Bottom Line

This a simple trick for creating an account for downloading free files on If you follow the steps then you can do this easily.

Remember step two because it’s important and most people do mistakes here. So keep in mind this thing.

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