How To Earn Money Online From Adfly Network?

How To Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online From Adfly Network

What is Adfly?

AdFly is an URL shortener type website where you can short your all kind of links. It’s usually a good way to present a link in decent length instead of a long boring length.

AdFly website gives you a facility to short your link as well as provides an opportunity to earn some handy cash. It’s very easy to make money from AdFly. I will show you later how to do this.

Is it a Legitimate Website?

Yes, it’s a legitimate website and you can check his world rank that provides Alexa rankings. It’s a very prominent website across the globe. So, relax they will not disappear. You can trust them. Check his ranking below in the given picture.



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How much Can You Earn?

Well, it’s an interesting question. Look, there is no scale to calculate how much can you earn. It’s up to you if your website or store has a lot of traffic then you can more money from AdFly.

AdFly has a simple rule, when more people click on your link you will earn more. So, if you are a person who has a website with massive traffic then you should join the AdFly network.

How To Earn Money Online From Adfly Network?

Go to your browser and type



Click on the first link which appears.



You will see the main page of the website.


Adfly Network


Click on the join now button.



You can see a form has appeared. Fill the form with original information.



After filling the form click on the signup button.


Now they will send an email to your provided address for verification. Go to your email account and open a new mail in your inbox and click on the provided link to verify.

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Click on the login button.



Put your email and password and click on the login button.



You can see the main dashboard of the AdFly network.



Now you just select a link that you want to short and add this link to the given box and make it short.



You can see the link has been short.



Now share this link on different platforms where you think you receive large traffic. In the given picture, you can see the stats of performing links and earning as well.


Bottom Line

AdFly can be a good choice to earn extra income from the internet. You can simply join this network and start earning from it. You just need to follow these steps described above.

However, keep in mind AdFly accepts two main payment methods. One is PayPal and the second one is Payoneer. You will need to create an account on one of these before you sign up on AdFly.

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