How To Add Cloudflare Nameservers In Godaddy Account?

Cloudflare Nameservers

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a security company based in America. It’s a very popular company which gives multiple features to make your website better for the online community. It has both versions means you can use Cloudflare free version if you don’t want to buy the pro version.

It gives you free SSL and CDN services absolutely free of cost. The key benefit of using Cloudflare is if your hosting provider does not include free SSL into your package then you can get free SSL for your website from Cloudflare.

You know that CDN service is not available to free but Cloudflare gives you CDN services free too. If you are a beginner and want to start a business online then make sure you linked your website with Cloudflare.

Cloudflare gives some more features in the free version like:

  • Speed Optimization
  • Protects from Hackers
  • Cache Cleaning
  • Free Firewall
  • HTML, CSS, Java Minifying

However, if you want to explore his more amazing features then buy his pro version in just $20 for a month.

What are Nameservers?

A name server is a specialized server on the Internet that handles queries or questions from your local computer, about the location of a domain name’s various services.

A great simple way to think about name servers is using a phone book analogy. If you were trying to call InMotion Hosting you might have remembered our phone number, but more than likely you’d want to look it up before just guessing at numbers.

This same story is also true for the Internet and domain names. As an example, you’re reading this article right now on our domain name. Source

Why do you need to do this?

Well, if you don’t want to use Cloudflare services then you don’t need to do any change you are good to go. However, most of the beginners do not invest more money they want to start with free. It’s a good idea to do this because here you have the chance to identify your business is going in the right way or not.

After that when to think you are going in the right way then you can spend more money on your business. So, being a beginner you use Cloudflare and if you want to use then you need to add Cloudflare nameservers into your hosting account.

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Add Cloudflare Nameservers In Godaddy Account

I am showing you on the Godaddy account because I am using this one.

Go to your browser and type Godaddy.



Click on the highlighted link.




You will see Godaddy’s main page.


Godaddy account


Now click on the sign-in button upper right side.




Put your customer ID and password and continue.


ID and password


Go to domains option and click on DNS.




You will see the DNS management page of your domain.


DNS management


When you will scroll down you will see the nameservers option. By default, these are Godaddy’s nameservers. You will change these nameservers with Cloudflare nameservers.




To changing click on change.




Now click on below “my own nameservers”.


Own nameservers


Put your Cloudflare nameservers here.


Add nameservers


Click on the Save button.




That’s it you are done. Now, wait for at least 12 to 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email that your nameservers have been successfully updated.

After confirmation, Cloudflare starts his services to your website.

Bottom Line

So, this is the way you can add your Cloudflare nameservers into your hosting account. I showed you in Godaddy’s account because I am using Godaddy hosting services.

Your hosting account dashboard’s look could be different but the process will be the same. Cloudflare is a good platform and being an owner of an online business you should use it.

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