How To Add AdBlock Extension In Google Chrome?

Add AdBlock Extension


AdBlock is a content filtering. Adblock gives you control to manage your comfort. You can choose whether you want to use AdBlock or not.

AdBlock is basically used for stopping ads on your YouTube videos. It works with extension. You can download the AdBlock extension form your favorite browser.

AdBlock Extension

If you want to stop ads anywhere mostly on YouTube you will need to add this extension on your browser. There are many extensions that are available on the internet you can download according to your choice but AdBlock is recommended.

AdBlock extension is very popular among people because it has over 10M users. It’s available on every popular browser.

Why do you need this?

The answer is very simple. Nowadays ads are everywhere on the internet. Everybody wants to make money from the internet. Remember, its a digital era. So, on Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion everywhere.

Ads are running like rat and sometimes it’s frustrating you. So, avoiding it with AdBlock. Install it and you are free from all of this mess up.

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Add AdBlock Extension In Google Chrome

Choose AdBlock extension according to your browser. I am using Google chrome I am showing you how to do this in Google chrome.

Go to your browser and AdBlock extension.




Click on the highlighted link.




You will see a page of AdBlock extension. You can see it has 10M users and almost 300k people gave 5 start rating to this extension.




To download this extension click on the add extension button on the right side.




Now click on ad extension again to confirm it.




You can see the extension is downloading.




When you will see an option of “Remove From Chrome” It means your extension has downloaded.




If you want to check if it works then click on three dotes upper top of your browser right side.




Now click on extensions under the more tools.


More tools


You can see your extension is working successfully. If you want to disable it then turn the button off.


Turn off


Visit – Google Chrome Store

Bottom Line

However, it doesn’t mean that all ads are bad some are good but the purpose of using AdBlock is to get yourself free from all of this if you don’t want to be the part of it.

I personally feel its good to use AdBlock extension because it keeps me away from anonymous or irritating ads. People feel terrible when they are watching their favorite show and then suddenly ads start running. So, avoid this issue with the use of AdBlock extension.

What do you think?

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