How To Recover Your Wifi Password From Control Panel?

Recover Your Wifi Password

Control Panel

The Control Panel is a component of Microsoft Windows that gives the ability to view and change computer system settings. It’s a very powerful and important component of any computer.

You can perform multiple functions here according to your need. The control panel is used for different purposes.

Key Functions

  • Sound Settings
  • System Setting
  • Sync Center
  • System
  • Troubleshooting
  • Windows Defender
  • Mouse Settings
  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Administrative Tools
  • Device Management
  • Bitlocker Option
  • Keyboard Settings
  • Fonts
  • Backups
  • File Settings
  • Power Options
  • Internet Options
  • Programs and Features

You can use these features from time to time according to your needs.

Wifi Password

Everybody knows about it. A password is used to access or enable the internet to different devices. Password protect a specific device from attackers. If you do not use a password for your wifi device then anybody can access your internet.

You set a password of your wifi device and share it with your friends and family members using the internet.

Why Do You Need To Recover it?

It’s important for you to have access to your wifi password all the time because sometimes you change your wifi password for security.

You can recover your wifi password in two ways.

  • From Router.
  • From Control Panel.

From Router

It’s easy to recover your password if you lost it. You just need to reset your router and you are good to go forward. It’s a little bit long process because after resetting you will perform all the settings again for your router.

From Control Panel

It’s quite easy you don’t need to do anything extra. I will show you later in detail. You just need to follow the steps and you will get your lost wifi password.

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Recover Your Wifi Password From The Control Panel

Go to your computer and click on the control panel.


Control panel


Now find and click on the network and sharing option.


Network & sharing


You will see a new page now click wifi.




You will see a new popup page.




Now click on the wireless properties.




Another popup will appear.


Popup page


Click on security.




Here, click on show characters and can see in the network security key. 


Show characters


Hurray, this is your lost wifi password. Now put it in a safe place.



Bottom Line

Well, this is a simple way to recover your lost wifi password back. It’s an easy way to do it. However, you can get other people’s wifi password too with this method.

However, it’s not recommended because it comes in the wrong ways. You should use this method only for your own computer.

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