How To Add Website To Google Search Console?

Add Website To Google Search Console

What is the Search Console?

Google search console is a web service that allows website owners to check their website index status and provides optimize visibility. Google search console is considered a key component for any website.

You can find out common and serious problems on your website with the help of a search console.

You can fix them with the recommended solution. Google search console is free for use and will always remain. So, after making a website add your website to the search console.

Benefits of Using Search Console

  • Performance Report
  • URL Inspection
  • Sitemap
  • Remove URL
  • Coverage
  • Mobile Usability
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Sitelinks
  • Security Options
  • Links

You can use all these features once you add your website to the Google search console. These are very useful features that allow you to maintain your WordPress website from any kind of errors. You can even explore more features of the search console after adding your site.

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Add Website To Google Search Console

Go to your browser and type Google search console.


Google search console


Click on the first link which appears.




You will see the main page of the Google search console.


Main Page


Now click on start now.


Start now


Here, if you already have a website on the search console then you will see this kind of page.




If you come for the first time then you will see this page.




Here, you will add your website and verify your ownership. To doing this put your domain name here and click on continue.


Verify your ownership


It’s verifying your website.




Now copy this code and add it into your hosting DNS record. Remember, the DNS record takes 24 hours to update but it occurs sometimes not every time. After adding click on verify.


Paste code


To adding DNS record go to your hosting account and open the DNS record page and add the following code.


Hosting account DNS


Upon clicking on verify if you see this message then wait some time and then check again.




You will see this kind of message surely.




Now you are eligible to use the search console. Use it as you want to use it.

Bottom Line

Google search console is a very special way to keep eye on your website performance. It allows you to keep total control of your website.

So, it’s recommended you add your website to the search console because it plays an important role to keep your website smooth on search engines.

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