How To Create A Password For A Specific Computer Drive?

How To Create A Password?

What is the Drive?

A drive is a computer component used to store data. It could be a static storage drive or can be a removable media. Drives have evolved along with other computer technologies. Drives are considered very important for any computer to store data. Drives have different types.

Types of Computer Drives

Flash drive

It’s a very popular way to transfer data from one computer to another. Flash drive comes in different storage range. Like: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 128GB, 256GB, and etc.

Hard drive

A hard drive is a drive where data store for a long time. It, not only stores data, it used for operating your computer too.

  • Local drive
  • Disc drives: Blu-ray, CD-R, CD-ROM, CD-RW, and DVD.
  • Network drive
  • RAM disk
  • SSD
  • USB drive
  • Virtual drive
  • Tape drive

However, there are some computer drives that have obsoleted.

Floppy disk drive (obsolete)

Floppy disk was popular in the ’80s.

  • LS-120 (obsolete)
  • SuperDisk (obsolete)
  • Zip drive (obsolete)
  • Bernoulli drive (obsolete)

Why Do You Need To Create A Password?

After installing an operating system you create different partitions of your main drive. Means C drive is the main drive of your computer because it has operating files that help to run an operating system.

If you did not create a partition of your main hard drive during installation then you can create it later. You can create partitions like D drive, E drive, and many more according to your hard drive storage. 

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You save data in different forms. Your data could be in form of pictures, videos, documents. So, in this situation sometimes you need to protect your data for different reasons. Here, you create a password for your particular drive. Nowadays it’s very important to protect your data with passwords.

Your data should be secured when you go for repairing your computers or laptops because if you don’t’ protect your data then it could be stolen and is misused.

How To Create A Password For A Specific Computer Drive?

Open your computer and click on my computer.


My computer


Choose the drive for creating a password.


Choose drive


Select a drive and then choose “Turn on BitLocker”.


Turn on BitLocker


A popup page will appear.


Popup page


Now click on the first option.


1st option


Choose a password and click next.




Save your recovery key because it helps when your password lost.


Recovery key


You have four options to do this. Choose according to your choice. I will suggest you choose the ” Save a File” option.


Save a file


Now select a location where you want to save this file for later use. Choose desktop option don’t worry, you can change it later.




Click on next. Upon clicking on next your password will start creating. After reboot, you can see the changes now you need to put a password to access this drive.



Bottom Line

Make your important data safe with a password to avoid any problem later. Keep your data in other drives except “C” because when your system crashes then data of “C” drive destroyed first and you cannot retrieve it. Keep your data in “D” or other drive and set a password.

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