How To Add Website In Bing Webmaster Tools?

How To Add Website In Bing Webmaster Tools?

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing webmaster tools is a free service as part of Microsoft’s Bing search engine that allows you to add your websites and check your website’s crawl status, as well as indexing and many other benefits.

It’s a good platform to get information regarding your WordPress website performance. It works like Google webmaster tools, Yandex webmaster tools, and Ahrefs webmaster tools.

Is it Worthful?

Yes, it is worthful to add your website to Bing webmaster tools. It’s good to submit your website here and get traffic from Yahoo and Bing search engine. Yahoo and bing are the second biggest search engines on the internet in terms of getting traffic behind Google.

Starting days of Google, Yahoo was the biggest search engine for getting information. Bing accounts for 6.43 percent of the global search market which is the second big.

You can get quality traffic from the US, Canada, and related countries because European people use Bing and Yahoo the most. You have a chance to get traffic from these countries with a high CPC rate.

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How To Add Website In Bing Webmaster Tools?

Go to your browser and type Bing webmaster tools.


Bing webmaster tools


Click on the first link which appears.




You will see the main page. Create an account if you have not. If you have it then click on Sign In.




You have three options to go to.


Three option


Go with Google as it’s recommended.




You will need to put your email and password here.




Put your email address here and click on next.




Put your password here and click next.




Now click on add a site.




You have two options here. One is “import data from the Google search console” and the second one is “do it manually”.


Two options


I will show you with Google search console because it gives more control and in this option no need to add code. To do this click on “import”.




Now click on continue.




Choose your search console account.


Choose account


Click on allow.




You can see it’s importing your data from Google search console.


Data importing


After importing you can see the results and that’s it you are ready to Roar.


Main page

Bottom Line

Bing can play an important role to push your WordPress website high on search engines. If you add your website to Bing webmaster tools then you get quality traffic from foreign countries that can help you to get approval from the ads platform.

Remember, is the second biggest monetization program after Google AdSense. is also the world’s first fast-growing platform. demands traffic from the US, Canada, and the UK primarily. So, it’s recommended to submit your WordPress website to Bing webmaster tools along with Google, Yandex, and Ahrefs.

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