How To Place Google AdSense Code In Website Sidebar Manually?

How To Place Google AdSense Code In Website Sidebar Manually?

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a monetization platform run by Google. Website publishers can earn money from Google AdSense by placing ads on their websites.

Google AdSense is the biggest monetization platform in the world. Millions of users prefer the Google AdSense program to earn money and they are using too. There are many other platforms available on the internet world but Google AdSense is better than all.

However, because Google AdSense is the first choice of everyone’s to earn money from a website and the No 1 platform. So, approval criteria are difficult too because of his popularity. Not everyone can get approval from Google AdSense.

Google AdSense has strict policies and you cannot get approval until you follow all the Google policies. You will need to follow Google’s guidelines and requirements before you get approval. Want to know about AdSense policies and requirements?

See – Eligibility Requirements For AdSense

If Google AdSense doesn’t approve your website. Don’t worry, there are many other alternative ways to earn money from the website. They pay you good some are considered even better than AdSense.

Google AdSense Alternatives

  • Infolinks
  • Taboola
  • PropellerAds
  • Revcontent

There are many others but these are the best alternatives of Google AdSense.

Website Sidebar

This is the area of any website where you can add content like; Latest Posts, Categories, Comments, Ads Widgets, and etc. It depends on an individual choice what he wants to add into the website sidebar area.

It’s an important area of every website so add content wisely because the user sees the sidebar of the website to get key information.

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 Place Google AdSense Code In Website Sidebar Manually

Go to your WordPress admin panel.


Admin panel


Click on widgets in the appearance tab.




Click on “Home”. Remember, the sidebar place depends on the theme. Your sidebar place can be different.




Now find custom HTML and click on add widget.


Custom HTML


Copy your AdSense code and paste it here. I am showing you example code.


AdSense code


Paste your code and hit save.


Paste code


That’s all after some time your code will start display.

Bottom Line

So, this is the easy way to add Google AdSense code in the website sidebar manually. Most people use the auto ads option for their websites.

In auto ads, Google AdSense places ads on your website by itself you don’t need to add codes in different places. Google does according to his own algorithm.

Google shows ads there where he thinks the best place to show ads. However, some people do not like this that’s why they want to place ads manually.

What do you think?

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