How To Download YouTube Videos In Mp3?

How To Download YouTube Videos In Mp3?


YouTube as we know is a video-sharing platform. It’s one of the biggest video sharing platforms in the world. You can do multiple things on YouTube like; watch videos, movies, songs, and can upload your own video.

However, you can use the YouTube platform for earning money. You can make money from YouTube by uploading video content. So, YouTube is a platform where you can do entertainment and can earn money too.

What is MP3?

A file extension and compression method that utilizes the MPEG standard to reduce the size, often by a factor of 12, while still maintaining audio quality comparable to a CD.

MP3 files are commonly used to store a song or the whole CD and require very little hard drive space. Because of their small file size, a computer can save several hundred or thousands of songs. Source

Why do You Need it?

Sometimes, you need a small size file instead of a large one. Everyone knows that video files always larger than audio files.

Mp3 is used to listen to songs mostly. Mp3 format saves a lot of storage on your mobile. That’s why you convert or download your video file into an audio file like mp3.


Download YouTube Videos In Mp3

Go to your and type




Click on the first link.




You can see the main page of y2mate.


main page


Now go to YouTube and choose a song which one you want to download in mp3. Here, I choose the “Fast and Furious” song. Click on it.




Now copy the link.




Go to your y2mate website and paste it here and click on the start button.




Now you can see some results appear.




Click on your file.




Here, you have three options.


Three options


Choose the mp3 option and click on download.




Again click on the download button




You can see below your file has started downloading.



Bottom Line

So, this is an easy way to convert and download video files into mp3 format. However, it always depends, most people don’t like it. While some others love to do this.

What do you think?

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