How To Clear Web Browsing History On Firefox?

Clear Web Browsing History On Firefox


Firefox is a Web browser that is smaller, faster, and in some ways more secure than the Mozilla browser from which much of its code was originally derived. Compared to Internet Explorer, the most popular Web browser, Firefox gives users a cleaner interface and faster download speeds.

As of November 2008, Firefox had about 20% of the market share for browsers, worldwide. Internet Explorer had about 70%. You can use Firefox on every device like; Desktop, Laptop, Mobiles, and Tablets. You can use it as you want.

Firefox includes most of the features with which users of other browsers are familiar. The first iteration of the browser also included several new features other browsers did not have at the time, such as a bookmarks toolbar and tabbed browsing that allow a user to quickly switch back and forth between several Web sites. Source

Why do You Need to do it?

Well, it is important to do it because sometimes you need to clear web browser history and cache. Sometimes, when your browser does not work properly then you need to clear all your recent activities like; history and cache. You will need to perform this action from time to time for work smoothly.

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Clear Web Browsing History On Firefox

Go to your browser.




Find three dots and click on it.


Three dots


Find the library option and click on it.




Now click on history.




Click on the “Clear Recent History” option.




Now you have multiple options here. Choose according to your choice.




After choosing it click on “OK”.




That’s all your web browser history and cache have successfully cleared.

Bottom Line

So, it is important to do this from time to time. However, it depends on users, some users do not like to do this. While some other users want.

It is recommended to clear your web browser history and cache from time to time because it is important for your browser performance.

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