How To Add AdSense Verification Code In WordPress Website?

Add AdSense Verification Code In WordPress Website

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a monetization program powered by Google Company. It is the biggest platform for content writers. Website owners can make money from Google AdSense by placing ads.

Google AdSense is a trustworthy platform and millions of users are using Google AdSense in the world and earn money too. However, Google AdSense offers multiple options for users. If you have a YouTube channel or have a search option then you can register on Google AdSense and can start to earn money from it.

AdSense Verification Code

AdSense Verification code is a code that is used to verify website ownership. Every website owner adds this code on his website when he applies for Google AdSense approval. Without this code, you cannot get approval from, AdSense.

There are many ways to add AdSense code to your WordPress website but two are the most common and popular. One is with “Plugin” and the second one is “Head Tag”. You can use it according to your convenience. However, if you are not familiar with coding then go with the plugin option.

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Add AdSense Verification Code In WordPress Website

I am showing you here how to add verification code to the WordPress website with the plugin.

First, go to your Google AdSense account.


Google AdSense


Click on ads on the left side of the page.




Click on the get code.




You will see a popup. 




Here, you need to copy the script, and to do this click on “Copy Code Snippet”.




Now go to your WordPress admin panel.


Admin panel


Click on “Add new” under the plugins option.




Type “insert header and footer” in the search bar and install the plugin.


Plugin name


After install and active the plugin paste the AdSense verification code here in the first section. After pasting click on the save.




That’s all now wait for Google AdSense response.

Bottom Line

So, this is a simple way to add Google AdSense verification to your WordPress website. It’s important for approval.

Remember, the plugin option is only available for WordPress. If you are using a blogger then you need to paste the verification code in the head tag only because you don’t have other options.

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