How To Add Infolinks Verification Code In WordPress Website?

How To Add Infolinks Verification Code In WordPress Website?


Infolinks is one of the biggest monetization platforms. Most people think Infolinks the best alternative of Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the best monetization program in the world. You can earn money from Infolinks if you have rejected from Google AdSense.

Top three AdSense Alternatives

  • Infolinks
  • Taboola

Is Infolinks worthy?

Yes, it’s absolutely truthful. It provides you the opportunity to earn money from placing ads on your websites. Infolinks gives you five types of ads that you can place on your website.

Five Types

  • Intext
  • Infold
  • Intag
  • Inframe
  • Inarticle

Remember, you can use Infolinks along with Google AdSense. However, the time of applying for any program, remove all previous ads to avoid any conflict.

Methods of Adding Code

There are two ways to add the Infolinks verification code.

  • With Tag
  • With Plugin

With Tag

To use this method you will need to add the verification code in the “body tag”. It is a difficult method for those who do not familiar with the coding.

With Plugin

It is easy for everyone because in this method you do not need to do anything extra. You just need to download and install the plugin. Here, I am showing you how to add Infolinks verification code in the WordPress website with a plugin.

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Add Infolinks Verification Code In WordPress Website

Go to your browser and type Infolinks.




Click on the first link.




You will see the main page of the Infolinks website. 




Now click on “PUBLISHERS”.




Click on “Sign Up Free”.


Sign Up


Here, put your website address and click on “Sing Up With Email”.




Now enter your details and hit on the “Join” button.




Now click on the “WordPress”.




Download the plugin.




Go to your admin panel and click on the “Add New” button under the Plugins option.




Click on “Upload Plugin”.




Click on “Choose File” and then click on the Install button.




That’s all now just wait for an approval email.

Bottom Line

So, this is a simple way to add your Infolinks verification code in your WordPress website. This code is required for approval because if you install this code and do not activate it you cannot get approval from Infolinks.

Infolinks is the best way to make some extra income from the website. It’s recommended to use Infolinks.

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