How To Convert Video Into MP4 Format In VLC?

How To Convert Video Into MP4 Format In VLC?

What is VLC?

VLC (VLC Media Player) is a free and open-source media player and multimedia framework written by the VideoLAN project. It’s a media player, encoder, and streamer for Windows (10), macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, etc., supporting many audio and video codecs and file formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

It is able to stream over networks and to transcode multimedia files and save them into various formats. The default distribution of VLC includes a large number of free decoding and encoding libraries; on the Windows platform, this greatly reduces the need for finding/calibrating proprietary plugins.

Many of VLC’s codecs are provided by the libavcodec library from the FFmpeg project, but it uses mainly its own muxer and demuxers. It also gained distinction as the first player to support the playback of encrypted DVDs on Linux by using the libdvdcss DVD decryption library. Source

Is it Possible?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible. You can convert any video file into MP4 format. For example, you have a video file with the format of Mkv, 3gp, and etc. Now you want to change his format. Generally, we do it with the help of different software but sometimes it’s difficult to find a good free software.

So, if you want to do it free then you can do it with VLC. However, sometimes Mkv format videos don’t work in VLC. So, to do this we convert video into MP4 format then use.

How To Convert Video Into MP4 Format In VLC?

Go to your desktop and open VLC.


Open VLC


Right-click on “Media” and choose the “convert/save” option.


Media button


Click on “Add” and choose a file that you want to convert.


Add Button


See this video file format is MKV format. We will change it into MP4 format.


MKV format


Now click on the “covert/save” option and select “Convert”


Covert option


Choose a destination for your new file. As I choose “Desktop”.


Choose Destination


Choose “MP4” format.


MP4 format


Click on the “Start” button.


Start button


You can see your file has successfully converted to MP4.


Successfully converted


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Bottom Line

VLC is a great platform for watching videos. You can use VLC for multi-purposes. It’s free and will remain always.

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